Pet Euthanasia: Peaceful Death for Your Beloved Animal Companion

When your pet is dying, your thoughts turn to how to help this special one who has never denied you absolute love and devotion. Is pet hospice available? When might euthanasia for your pet be warranted? How does one cope with the pain of pet loss?

Yours is a special relationship. And now it seems to be coming to the end. You will do anything for your friend. If only you would not be asked to let go. It is so hard and it hurts so much.

If your beloved animal companion needs your help to die, you know the grief we are describing. You may feel alone and helpless right now, unsure where to turn. It doesn’t matter what is the cause—illness, aging, cancer; knowing if now is the time is often elusive. Making arrangements, just thinking about where and when is painful. Maybe it makes you feel like a traitor. Where can you turn for help?

You may have questions about pet euthanasia. “How is it done? Will the person who helps me bring rest to my friend convey the love that I have? What happens after death? Are there options for the disposition of the body? Will my pet be handled in a respectful and dignified way?”

Beside Still Water offers help when your pet is dying. Dr. Ann Brandenburg-Schroeder can assist you in providing a peaceful passing for your beloved small animal companion in your home or any setting where your pet feels safe and comfortable.

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"As I tried to express to you on the phone earlier, mere words cannot say how grateful we were that you were the one that provided our beloved Carly with peaceful passing. Your patience and understanding of our reminiscing, our questions and our emotions was so very special. I appreciate so very much how you were able to relate to my daughter, in particular.
Thank you too, for your follow-up call today. You truly have a gift not only with animals but with people as well. You are a very special person"

Very sincerely,
Vicki C.

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